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Art of Health Competition 2021 reaches its projects mentorship stage.

Finalists will receive guidance and mentorship at this stage of the contest to fine tune their final projects. Mentors includes some of Zimbabwe's most distinguished talents such as Gemma Griffiths and Tariro neGitare whom will be working closely with our finalists.

The mentorship workshops are scheduled for the following dates: Design: Saturday 15 - Sunday 16 May, Drama: Saturday 22 - Sunday 23 May and Music: Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 May. Once the workshops are complete, the candidates with enter the production stage where their final projects will be filmed and made available for public voting. For more information about the Art of Health competition visit the following platforms:

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Ethel Dauya: +263 77 445 2172

Chido Dziva Chikwari: +263 77 277 3879


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