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Recruitment of contestants starts for 'The Art of Health' (in CHIEDZA) pilot contest.

Our group (Zim-LSHTM research group) was awarded the Wellcome Trust Enrichment grant late 2019 to support youth engagement with health services and having them on board as active research partners. We will be tasking youth to address barriers in accessing health services in their communities by utilizing a crowdsourcing approach through a pilot contest, where we will be seeking out entries in 4 main categories: dance, drama, visual imagery & music.

The pilot started on the 21st September and is currently running from 2 sites in CHIEDZA: Hopely (Mashonaland East) & Hatcliffe (Harare). The contest is to expand to Pelandaba in Bulawayo. This phase of the competition is focusing on male entrants to encourage them to be more proactive about their health. The CHIEDZA mobilizers have been registering candidates off-site in compliance to current COVID-19 measures pertaining to the study.



Ethel Dauya: +263 77 445 2172

Chido Dziva Chikwari: +263 77 277 3879


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